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the 1-2-3 step Replicar

You can download our build guide here

Strip & remove the donor MX5 body to reveal the Power Plant Frame (which houses the Mazda’s running gear in its entirety)

Our bespoke chassis is then placed on top of the PPF and bolted securely into position to not only regain, but improve on the rigidity once provided by the donor’s body.


Brake and fuel lines can then be run and the front/rear bulkheads etc. panelled out with the aluminium sheeting.


Parts retained from the original donor such as the steering column, pedal box, radiator, wiring loom, fuel tank etc. can also begin to be fixed in place. 

The light yet strong GRP body and other panels such as doors, bonnet and bootlid are then fitted before interior trim, seats, lights etc. are added.